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Meet Riddhi Doshi

Founder & Creator of Redefine

"Redefine was born out of a simple idea."

It was the idea of an eclectic journey through which Riddhi Doshi could explore her personal sense of style and share it with the world through design. Her creations aim to be at the intersection of comfortable every day wear, with patterns that entice and excite.

Redefine by RD is the culmination of Riddhi's efforts to channel her wanderlust into a creative medium, exploring the canvases of different fabrics and patterns. The latest collection is an expression of bold prints and colours, combined with comfortable, yet classic silhouettes. Her focus remains on creating both comfort and distinct styles within her creations, with most of the garments being versatile enough to be worn for different occasions.

Personal Journey

Intuitive, instinctive, and loving, Riddhi Doshi takes her role as a mother most seriously. “Nirvaan and Saira are just like me. Energetic, curious, always active. I think I’ve grown eyes at the back of my head now.”

However, having children doesn’t tire her. If anything, she seems to be more energetic, more focused; and she still finds time to indulge in everything that inspires her – her family, parties, design, travel, and, of course, scuba-diving. “She’s going from 37 to 21!” – Hardik. It’s all par for the course for Riddhi though. “I love being a mother. My children make me a happy designer.”

Designed By Instinct

Riddhi is a jewelry designer who has launched Redefine as an expression of her personal style and a strong emotional connection with nature, abstract art and her children's doodle art.

As an extension to her personal life experiences that translated into the series of prints that we have showcased, Riddhi was hoping to connect with people to share her thoughts and vision around social stigmas that she relates to personally.

Made Of Love

Riddhi has loved fashion and has been a fashion fanatic since childhood. It was her mother who always inspired her to brilliantly put together different pieces of clothes and create a style that's sophisticated, cool, classy yet accessible.

It is Riddhi’s wanderlust, combined with her creative vision that led her to starting her own label: Riddhi Doshi Redefine.

Riddhi has been working since the age of 21 as a design professional and brings her extensive experience in orchestrating all aspects of women’s clothing. The label focuses on creating designs for a strong woman who is not afraid to show her vulnerability and wants.